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Why us?

A better experience

At Smith & Tapper Criminal Lawyers we value our commitment to a higher standard of representation.

We guarantee that the lawyer you first meet will be involved in your case from start to finish and will be available to personally answer any questions you may have whenever you have them. Many criminal law firms say this but can’t deliver because their lawyers are overworked or inexperienced.

A better defence

All of our criminal lawyers are senior practitioners with extensive experience in criminal and traffic law matters.

We will guide you through the process every step of the way and go the extra mile to ensure that you achieve the very best result. Our results speak for themselves. Click here to read what our past clients have to say.

A better fee

We have structured our criminal law firm to ensure that we are able to keep our fees as low as possible. Our fees are affordable and fixed and flexible payment options are available. We won’t charge you for things you don’t need and won’t charge you extra for simply doing our job. We can usually beat any fee quoted by another criminal law firm. If you need a criminal lawyer but are worried about the cost call us now or click here to read more about our fee structure.

There are many reasons why we are one of Melbourne’s most trusted criminal law firms. If you need assistance, call us now on 1300 616 183 to speak with one of our criminal lawyers.



Criminal Lawyers Melbourne


Our criminal lawyers appear in all of criminal law, traffic law, intervention order, and infringement matters throughout Victoria.

From the time of your initial consultation we can assist you by:

  • Giving advice about how to conduct yourself during a police interview. It is very important that you seek advice before participating in an interview as your answers can impact your options later.
  • Guiding you through court procedure.
  • Formulating a strategy for how best to argue your case.
  • Negotiating with police prosecutors and the Office of Public Prosecutions. Legal representation in the early stages of investigation is very important as the decisions you make during this period can have a significant impact on how your matter progresses.
  • Preparing submissions for court.
  • Issuing subpoenas for the production of documents or attendance of witnesses. Many firms overlook this as an important part of a quality defence.
  • Appearing in court to advocate on your behalf.
  • Referring you to therapeutic services for assessment and reports if we believe this will benefit your case.

To read what our past client’s have to say about our criminal lawyers click here.



Although we do our best to limit expenses we acknowledge that private legal representation is not cheap. For many minor matters you may not need a lawyer to represent you in court.

However, you should always speak to a team of qualified criminal lawyers before participating in a police interview. Failing to do so can result in irreparable damage to any defence you may have to the allegations or may limit your options if you decide to plead of guilty.

Even if you ultimately decide to represent yourself in court you should still speak to an experienced criminal lawyer to ensure that you understand your options. Our criminal lawyers will be honest with you about your options and are more than happy to give preliminary advice.

If you’ve been charged by the police or they have indicated that they want to interview you it is essential that you speak to one of our criminal lawyers at the earliest opportunity. Engaging an experienced criminal lawyer is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected.

We offer a free initial consultation and will not charge you for anything until and unless you are comfortable proceeding.



If you’ve been charged with a criminal law offence it is essential that you contact our office as soon as possible.

You can reach our criminal lawyers directly on 1300 616 183 or 0401 564 044.

Or click here to send us a message and a member of our criminal lawyers will be in touch shortly.