infringement lawyers

Infringements lawyers

Our infringement lawyers have wiped hundreds of thousands in toll debts. Don’t let fines get the best of you, call us now.

Unpaid fines and Citylink and Eastlink Tolls can add up quickly. Often, the added fees dwarf the original fine and become unmanageable. If you have multiple infringements you should seek legal advice immediately. Our expert infringement lawyers can apply to reduce your debt and, in some cases, have it wiped completely.

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What happens when you don’t pay an infringement?

If you don’t pay an infringement it will be lodged with Civic Compliance and a reminder notice sent. Additional fees will be added.

If you still fail to pay the infringement an enforcement order notice will be sent and even more additional fees added.

If you still fail to pay the infringement an infringements warrant will be issued and the Sheriff can take action against you.

What can the Sheriff do?

An infringement warrant allows the Sheriff to enforce your infringements.

The Sheriff can:

  • Suspend or cancel your driver’s licence
  • Direct Vic Roads not to renew your registration
  • Suspend or cancel your registration
  • Seize your property or vehicle
  • Place a wheel clamp on your car
  • Arrest you

Before doing any of these the Sherriff will issue a seven-day notice. This is a final opportunity for you to deal with your infringements.

If this has happened, call us immediately. Our infringement lawyers can help you reduce your outstanding debt significantly and, in some cases, have the debt completely wiped.

Unfair fees added?

If your infringements have not yet progressed to warrant stage you may want to consider applying for revocation of the enforcement order attached to your fines.

This is a means of getting Civic Compliance to review the fees attached to enforcing your fines.

If the fees are not waived as a result of your application, contact us right away. Our infringement lawyers can help you appeal this decision in Court and have your debt significantly reduced.

What to do now?

Dealing with multiple infringements can be a complicated and lengthy process. The best place to start is by speaking to an experienced infringement lawyer.

Our infringement lawyers have been successful in reducing our clients’ debt by tens of thousands of dollars…in one case we had almost 200k wiped!

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