Need an intervention order? Engage a lawyer who knows how to secure your safety.

Many people find themselves in situations of violence or abuse, particularly in domestic situations. Threats to personal safety and wellbeing can have serious physical and emotional consequences and may escalate a dispute. An intervention order can help.

If you believe your safety is at risk you should call the police on 000 immediately.

If the police are unwilling or unable to assist our lawyers can help you apply to the Court for an emergency intervention order to ensure your protection.

How to apply for an order

If you believe you are in immediate danger you should contact the police on 000. The police may seek an intervention order on your behalf. If the police are not willing to apply for an order on your behalf you can do so yourself.

To apply for an intervention order you will need to contact your local court to make an appointment with a registrar. At your appointment you will explain your situation to the Registrar, who will type up and submit your application.

The party against whom you are seeking the order will need to be served with a copy of your application and will have the opportunity to attend court on a later date to respond to the application.

If you believe you need immediate protection you should tell the Registrar when making your application. The Registrar will direct you to a courtroom where you can ask the Magistrate to make an immediate interim order. An interim order will remain in place until your application is next listed in court. The other party will be served with a copy of the interim order. They must comply with the order or risk being charged with a criminal offence.


Do I need a lawyer?

 Although you do not need to be legally represented in order to apply for an intervention order we advise that you do seek legal advice so as to ensure that your application has the best chance of success.

If the party against whom you are seeking the order contests your application you will need to attend further court hearings and may need to give evidence in support of your application. These proceedings are best handled by a qualified lawyer who understands the court system.

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