Counselling orders

Has the court has made a counselling order against you? Call our office to discuss your options.

What is a counselling order?

When the Court makes a final intervention order it may also make an order directing that the Respondent attend approved counselling.

At present the Court can only make a counselling order against a male respondent.

The main part of a counselling order requires the completion of 40 hours of counselling, completed by attending 20 two-hour sessions of group counselling. The counselling is designed to assist participating men to gain insight into their use of violence and learn how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence.


How long will the order last?

A counselling order will continue in force until the conditions of the order are satisfactorily completed.

A counselling order is separate to the related intervention order and can persist even if the intervention order is later withdrawn or expires.


Will I have a criminal record?

A counselling order is not a criminal sanction and will not cause you to have a criminal record.

However, breaching a counselling order without a reasonable excuse is a criminal offence. A person found guilty of breaching a counselling order may be convicted and fined, and will have a criminal record.