Other driving offences

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There are a number of driving offences for which you can be required to appear in court. Some are more serious than others but all can have a variety of consequences, including licence loss, impoundment, fines, and in some cases imprisonment.

Likely penalties for the more common driving offences are outlined below. However, the outcome in each case will depend on a number factors and should be considered on its own merits.

If you have been charged with a driving offence, the easiest way to understand your options is to call us and speak to a lawyer experienced in such matters.

Driving whilst suspended or disqualified

Driving whilst your licence is suspended is a serious charge. Whilst first time offenders will usually escape with only a fine, repeat offenders are at risk of significant periods of additional licence loss and in some cases gaol.

Unlike other states, Victorian courts do not have the ability to issue restricted licences allowing a suspended driver to travel to and from work. In Victoria, if your licence is suspended you must not drive.

If you have been caught driving without a valid licence you should contact an experienced criminal lawyer to discuss your situation.


A number of speeding offences carry a mandatory period of licence loss and in all cases the Court has a discretion to cancel or suspend your licence as it considers appropriate.

In some cases you will receive an infringement notice only. If you pay the penalty by the due date you will not be required to attend court. If you wish to dispute the charge by taking the matter to court you should speak to a lawyer about your situation. There is usually little point referring an infringement notice matter to court if you have no defence to the charge.

If you are required to go to court for a speeding charge you should consult a lawyer as soon as you receive your charge sheet. If your licence was suspended on the spot and you intend to contest the charges, we may be able to help you keep your licence in the meantime.

Careless Driving

Careless driving is not considered a serious driving offence and will usually attract a fine. The fine imposed will depend upon a number of factors.

Although the court is not required to suspend your licence it may do so if it considers it appropriate in the circumstances.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is a serious driving offence.

If you are found guilty of dangerous driving the court must cancel your licence for at least six months.

If you were driving 45km or more over the speed limit at the time of the offence the court must cancel your licence for at least 12 months.

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